Friday, February 18, 2011


CAKE !!!!!!!!!!
Whenever we listen this word, the first thing comes in our ming is sweet and tasty desert. Cake is a form of food typically made with eggs and floor, sugar, butter and oil. It may be prepared without eggs also. We may add many flavors to cake. Not only children but older people also love to eat the cake. There are many methods to prepare the cake. Some famous flavors of cake are as follows- chess cake, pineapple, butter , strawberry, banana cake, Sponge cake and so on.
Cake is found the most attractive part of any birthday party. It is used in any kind of functions and celebration in family.
Cake flour - There is different kind of flour used to prepare the cake. It can easily found in local market. cake is meant to be soft in its texture.
Cake decorating :- there are many methods to decorate the cake. A cake can be finally decorated by covering it icing or frosting or either by topping such as sprinkles. it is also knows as jams. we can use coca powder and other coconut powder to decorate the cake. We can decorte the cake by making a cone and then fill it by butter or any ind of flavored jams , just as topping on the cake we can decorate it.
Special tools are used to decorate the cakes, we can make many designs on the cake to decorate it. We can make many pics and images on the cake to decorate it.